Friday, 7 May 2010

The glory of the ordinary

Have you learned to be ordinary? A church-loving, week in, week out, living for Jesus, plodding by the Spirit, sowing the Word, ordinary believer? It's really rather good, rich and free, but first we've got to get over our revolutionary anti-tradition, anti-doctrine, anti-institutional thing.
Until we are content with being one of the million nameless, faceless church members and not the next globe-trotting rock star, we aren’t ready to be a part of the church. In the grand scheme of things, most of us are going to be more of an Ampliatus (Rom. 16:8) or Phlegon (v.14) than an apostle Paul. And maybe that’s why so many Christians are getting tired of the church. We haven’t learned how to be part of the crowd. We haven’t learned to be ordinary. [Read more.]
So what's so glorious about the ordinary? Is this a call to daily boredom? No - but to faithful fire rather than flash in the pan. Excellent post by Kevin DeYoung to our generation: The Glory of Plodding.

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