Wednesday, 12 May 2010

A note of thankfulness

I could watch Andris Nelsons conduct the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra in a nursery rhyme tune, and still be on the edge of my seat. Even at the top of the extremely large Symphony Hall. Their combination is electric. The Symphony Hall acoustics are such that I have enjoyed every nuance and harmonic line of the two symphony orchestra, two choir, four bands & one megaphone piece Cantata for the 20th Anniversary of the October Revolution (Prokofiev), yet when the pianist this evening gave us a delicate solo encore, up in the gods we could hear each note crystal clear, its touch and tone intimate.

A slight aside: Lars Vogt gave the most beautifully sensitive performance of Beethoven's 4th piano concerto I've heard in a long time. The most beautiful live piano performance I've heard in a long time, actually. (Which also reaffirmed my belief in Beethoven as genius supreme.)

I'm so grateful for music, the CBSO & Nelsons and living in Birmingham at the moment. Just needed to express it. The singing in my soul from this evening's concert would have had me walzing through Centenary Square, leading Chamberlain Place in a group musical number down the steps and around the fountain, and tap dancing through New Street station. As it was (this being England), I limited myself to a few skips along the way, and scared other pedestrians by smiling too much.


Dave K said...

love it.

Anonymous said...

Sounds lovely! Good to take that rare opportunity to hear the Prokofiev live, too!

étrangère said...

Oh that was incredible, Huw - back in October (quite appropriately) along with Berlioz' Grande Messe des Morts, Gergiev conducting. Unforgettable.