Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Quote of the Day: A new kind of ending

Dr Jeremy Begbie:
Death, of course, is the reality hovering over everything I've been saying. The ending of all endings. The reality which threatens every hope in a rich ending. The reality which makes us hesitant about hoping for anything too strongly. But this is how God gets our attention. He meets us here, where human false hopes meet their abyss, where all purely human hopes have died.

But from here also, a fresh kind of hope emerges. Three days pass, and the followers of Jesus find themselves with a new kind of hope, in a new kind of ending. Rumours of an empty tomb, and then the man himself, nailmarks in his side & hands, alive, newly alive, more alive than before. What kind of ending can they now look forward to?

Here is an ending we don't create but God gives.
Dr Begbie continues about the ending which breaks in in the middle and transforms. If you care anything for music or theology, watch The Sense of An Ending, below, and hear how the Christian life should be something like playing second violin in the middle of an improvising orchestra. Powerful and informative.

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mama said...

This is amazing. I would like to attend a music appreciation course run by this guy.

I felt when listening to him that he has out-Schaeffered Schaeffer. Maybe that's a bit unfair to Schaeffer, who saw post-modernism coming but didn't live in a post-postmodern world.

Well worth the hour & a half's listening, though I did take it in three parts!