Sunday, 19 February 2006

Climate Change

Physical Climate Change:
Several US / Canadian Christian bloggers have been discussing the recently launched Evangelical Climate Initiative: a high-profile Christian leader foray into doing something about Global Warming. It seems my blogging brothers and sisters in the US & Canada are convinced that Global Warming is a myth. I'm not so convinced but haven't studied it either way. What does concern me whether or not Global Warming is a myth is the cavalier attitude towards the environment which seems to accompany this Global Warming Conspiracy Theory idea (and beyond). The attitude runs something like: "God's concerned about saving souls. We should be concerned about saving souls. Anything else is a distraction." I disagree. While we should never assume the gospel and move away from proclaiming it, God's plan to save some humans for his glory does not nullify his plan to have the whole of creation glorify him, with humans as its stewards under him. In fact if anything the salvation of humans is to serve as witness of God's plan to renew all creation (we being the firstfruits, Rom 8). This means that we should care about God's creation. Irrespective of whether or not Global Warming is a myth, and of whether of not Rick Warren jumps on a high-profile Climate Initiative funded by dubious sources!

Moral Climate Change:
Meanwhile Bishop Tom Wright said some good things in the Lords about Moral Climate Change (reported by Dave from Rawson St). Worth reading. Wright even gives good old BUECU (also here) an anonymous mention!


Dave K said...

Oh no not another person who occasionally checks up on my blog.

The guilt over not posting enough just mounts.

Seriously...glad you liked the speech...very interesting I thought. I just wonder what all the politicos made of it.

étrangère said...

Banish the guilt: better a little of good quality than a lot of poorer. I do visit occasionally but I confess I don't always understand what you write; what I do understand is worth it. I also rather wonder what the other Lords made of it (& MPs if any take interest in the other house). It's easy to see why with stuff like this being said why the Commons would want to abolish the Lords! To be honest, I don't see how they fit in a democracy, but they do do awfully well when it comes to things like this.

Andy said...