Wednesday, 15 February 2006

De quoi as-tu soif?

"Have you had an invitation?"We're now in Louvain-La-Neuve (LLN). Strictly speaking, the campus of the Université Catholique de Louvain. Since it's RC in background, we can have rooms and permission for a stall on campus no problem. It's a gift of a campus: it's actually a town, but it's all university campus - in reaction to the Flemish university in Leuven, a NEW TOWN was purpose built for the French speaking uni, hence the name: Louvain (that's Leuven francophonised) The New. I love Belgium. Anyway, here we were today and are tomorrow. Flyering, a lunchbar (to which some came: a lady with whom I was talking took a Bible afterward), lots of flyering and questionnaires and a coffee/tea/soup stand.

Members of the GBU group there and active. The group is no bigger than that at Mons, but they don't have non-stop classes all day so could join in!

Our theme for LLN is 'De quoi as-tu soif?' which roughly translates as 'What are you thirsty for?' - hence the cartoon in my previous post. Someone in the group cleverly adapted the immediately-recognisable logo for Jupiler beer, the Belgian brand cheap student beer, resulting in the logo in the bottom RH corner of the flyer above. The following conversation followed when I handed a flyer to a guy:
- [Him, glancing at the logo] But Jesus doesn't fit with beer!
- [Me, jokingly] Beh, he drank...
- No, really?? It says that in the Bible?!
- Well it wasn't beer, but he drank wine! He was even criticised for it by some.
- Oh!
I think he said he'd come to the events... Struck by his misconception of Jesus perhaps! (Feel free to post comments on cheesy ways in which I could have used this to launch into the gospel...)

As well as group involvement and many, many questionnaire conversations going on throughout the day, my joy was in giving away all 3 of our available free Bibles to students who really wanted to read them :) Ah the joy of giving God's word written to someone who wants to read it!

You can see tomorrow's programme on the flyer. Unfortunately I won't be there more of the day as I'm staying in Brussels for French class and then picking up the team leaders' oldest son from school since Tim will be in LLN and Emily has broken her foot, so I won't have much immediate news. I hope to get to the evening meeting unless Emily needs a hand with the boys' bedtime. Pray for her while you're praying for the mission - that she wouldn't let the extreme frustration of having broken her foot just before mission time rule her, but would have much grace to be patient and thankful in the gospel. In plaster & on crutches for 6 weeks with a 4-year old and a nearly 2-year old isn't fun.

De quoi as-tu soif?

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