Friday, 24 February 2006

GBU camp

I don't know if anyone is reading this, but I'll be at the GBU-Ichtus national camp this weekend. I won't be liveblogging: that would be ridiculous when trying to run the bookstall (the French part at least), co-lead the music-worship (I'm giving the francophone bits), lead a multilingual small group (I think I'm in English for this), be on call for French-English translation for 2 Bulgarians in the talks and generally use the time to build up students in the gospel. I'm looking forward to it: Chawkat Moucarry is speaking on Islam, relating to Muslims, etc., which should be good. I've a feeling I'm going to get very linguistically confused this weekend though.

If anyone is around here (reading this), I'd appreciate prayer:

- that students would buy some of the fab books I've got on the very small bookstall, so they'd later read them and grow in the gospel of our God. It will take quite a bit of work to persuade the students that they're worth buying - it seems that publishers don't translate the easier books into other languages (so we get Cross of Christ but not Cross-examined, for example), and we don't get the kind of juicy discounts IVP do on CU bookstalls. (Honestly: all I want is all of IVP and Good Book Co in French, how hard can that be?);

- that we'd do the music and lead the worship to God's glory, helping the students to worship God and encourage each other in singing and praying together. Pray in this that the mixture of languages won't get in the way as we have to sing sometimes in a language with which some of the students aren't familiar;

- that in small group and generally I would be a help to the students thinking through, taking in and applying what we learn for growth in Godliness, confidence in the gospel and in lovingly sharing it with our Muslim friends;

- that I'd have energy to serve with cheerfulness, and when energy is lacking, that God's grace would not be lacking so that I'd keep on being godly and building up students in the gospel!

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