Saturday, 18 March 2006

Beautiful tries

The triple crown
A beautifully placed try in the last 2 minutes against England
O'Reilly's Irish pub in Brussels


is in the eye?
On the bus before witnessing the above (beautiful) match:
Guy beside me, having glanced my way several times: Do you have the time?
[I show him the time.]
Him: Ah, 19:45. You have beautiful eyes.
Me, half groaning half laughing inwardly, mutter: Thank you.
[Blatantly turn in other direction and stare out the window.]
Him: Do you mind if we see each other again?
Me, a bit thrown in French vocab: Euh, ça ne va pas. (= that's not on)
Him: Perhaps not this evening, but during the week we could see each other.
Me, blank as to vocabularly for turning down a persistant asking-out by a complete stranger on the bus: Non, ça va pas.
Him, trying again: You mind if...
Me: Non, ça va pas!

Nutter. He actually acted slightly put out too. If there is ever again a similar occurence, I could just speak English with a broad Belfast accent. But it is rather hard to pretend you don't understand French when you do. Or maybe I should try the, "Sorry, I'm part of a body which is engaged to be married to Jesus" line - could be amusing. Of course, if I were Roger Carswell, without skipping a beat I'd have replied to "Would you see me again?" with "No, but Jesus will - are you ready?" Then again, if I were Roger, strange men wouldn't be commenting on the supposed beauty of my eyes, on the bus, in French.

Give me a beautiful try of the Horgan variety any time.


mama said...

Ah, quel wasted opportunity! You could have offered to see him le dimanche matin... you even attend a French-speaking church!

Anyway, doting mama is glad *someone* is noticing her Precious's beautiful misty blue-grey eyes. Definitely *not* a 'nutter' :)

(The Ireland try was, admittedly, pretty good too, but not in the same league)

mallangong said...

The first one definitely wasn't a try though. What was the touch judge thinking!

Andy said...

This is one of the funniest blog entries I've read in ages.

Surely he's not just a nutter because he wanted to see you again?

Surely you could have asked him if he was saved before breaking his heart?

LOL - thanks for making me laugh at 8.20 in the morning.

marc said...

Too fuuny. Gotta love those pickup lines.

troy said...

Ah, c'est bien connu que "youth is wasted on the young." Quel dommage, étrangère, que tu n'été pas bien préparée pour l'instant, mais, je suis sûr que tu seras prêt pour la prochaine fois...

Rosemary, je sais que, en ce moment, tu ne veux pas être occupé avec personne, mais quel hostilité! Quand l'un, l'homme, qui te cherche t'approache, il ne faut pas s'attacker...

Note-bien les penses de mon amie:

Ah, l'amour. Qu'est-ce que c'est l'amour?

étrangère said...

Merci Troy, j'apprecie ce que tu dis (et le post de ton amie) - je ne veux pas en tout cas discourager des hommes de prendre l'initiative en demandant, et je ne veux pas augmenter le sentiment de risque de rejection. Mais tu vois - ce n'était pas du tout l'hostilité, je n'attaquait pas à lui, mais repondait brèvement parce que ça m'a supris et principalement que j'étais très consciente d'être en train de voyager toute seule en Bruxelles le soir! D'après moi, un homme responsable ne demande pas à une fille qu'il ne connait pas si elle est toute seule le soir en transport commun - pour ma part, si c'était un tel type, pour être sur de m'en sortir bon il faut pas donner le moindre encouragement! Pour te rassurer en générale, il y a un homme qui travaille dans ce petit magasin d'internet que j'utilise qui m'a déjà demandé si je suis mariée, si je sors avec qqn, et s'il puis aller en irlande du nord m'avec: et pourtant je le traite de politesse et lui parle quand j'entre comme il veut (même si la reponse à tout les trois était non!) bien sur, parce que c'est sauf - quand je lui vois, c'est pas que je suis toute seule dans le bus au centre ville le soir...

So if I were to answer Andy's question, "Surely he's not just a nutter because he wanted to see you again?", no he's not - I was nervous and so gave him no encouragement, and my nervousness translated as ironic hostility in my post. Response to someone I know would be entirely different.