Monday, 27 March 2006


La liberté : jusqu'à quel prix ?

April's Focus (joint GBU) meeting in Brussels will be on the topic of Freedom: at what price? (More literally, 'up to what price/cost?') I spent hours on the flyer for it last Friday (and the printing shop have mangled it), but I'm rather pleased with this little cartoon I did for it. I'd have put the fish in a tartan kilt and had him crying "Freeeeedom!" in a Scottish accent, but I think that cultural reference just might possibly go over the heads of the Belgians.


mama said...

LOVE the cartoon! But not sure about the Scottish reference. Pauvre etrangere, "that cultural reference just might possibly go over the heads(?)" of ignorant mama who doesn't watch films much, and certainly doesn't know any history - that's papa's territory :)

étrangère said...

Ah, the FREEDOM in a (fake) Scottish accent is the last line of Wallace according to the film Braveheart. I think twas too violent for your liking - for mine too, but I just shut out those bits and enjoyed the parts they played about with Latin, and the Scottish nationalist sentiment done as only Americans can do it of course ;-). Remember we saw the place where their (nondescript clan) tartan was made, when we were on holiday?