Wednesday, 1 March 2006

The Coffee Bible Club Blog

The Coffee Bible Club Blog have kindly invited me to join in their global discussion with my Bible and my mug of Belgian coffee (correction, Belgian mug of Oxfam Latin American & African coffee). I don't know that I have anything to say at the moment as Andy, Dave and Mo are saying lots of good stuff to which I have nothing to add, but it's nice to be there!

It must also be noted that to reflect our priorities of course the title of the blog should be The Bible Coffee Club Blog, but although that would be nicely palondromic, it wouldn't be as tricky to say 20 times quickly.


troy said...

One could, of course, argue that the Coffee Bible Club works better because the emphasis is on the Bible. In modern English (perhaps not the same as that spoken in the UK or Europe,) we use the most important adjective closest to the noun described. For instance, the San Diego Bicycle Club is obviously a bicycle club. If San Diego were to cease to exist, the same organization could rename itself the Tijuana Bicycle Club without there being any doubt that it is still a bicycle club.

Moving on, congratulations are in order for your invitation.

étrangère said...

True, true. I tried to translate it into French in my mind but when what came to mind first would translate back as the Blog of the Club of Bible Cafés I stopped trying.

troy said...

Pourquoi le pluriel et pas le partitif pour café? Peut-être le blog du club-Bible et café? Je ne suis pas sûr. Le blog de la société pour la Bible et café? Le blog de l'organization-Bible et café. Maintenant je blague. :)

Pour les lecteurs qui ne parlent pas français:

Why the plural and not the partitive for café? Perhaps the blog of the club-Bible and coffee. I'm not sure. The blog of the society for the Bible and coffee? The blog of the organization-Bible and coffee. (Poor quality French pun) Now I'm kidding. :)

étrangère said...

I said I stopped trying... ;-)