Sunday, 1 October 2006

Church & Theology today - intro

Yesterday I went to the Theology For All conference in Richmond where Carl Trueman was speaking on Church and Theology today: What is really at stake? The day was marvellous, and I was glad to be able to chat through some of what we heard with Dave Bish, who I'm sure was also as glad as I(?) to be at a conference where real coffee was being served. It was also good to see Gareth Batten, of my Relay year, and to see that Nathan Burley exists outside of the blogosphere. Gareth has already helpfully posted an overview of the talks, with the declared aim of getting in there before Dave & me. Given that he posted at 5pm, which was an hour before I was even on my coach for the 3.5 hour journey back home, I consider that a rather low aim. I'll post when I get my notes typed up - think of it as the extended version. But admittedly, unlike Gareth and Dave [*click!*], I have no accompanying photos of CRT in full flow.


John said...

Hi Im from Melbourne Australia.
What has theologywhich is produced by inherently godless self possessed egos got to do with Real God?

Please check out these related essays on Real God.


étrangère said...

Hi John. You're welcome to engage with some of the theology I've actually posted in this blog, but if you just comment with your own links in future I'll assume you aren't actually interested in discussing the ideas, and delete your comments.

The theology of the Bible is not produced by godless people but by the one true, living and personal God who was revealed in Jesus Christ. If you want to discuss this more, then post again.

Anonymous said...

Hi I thought you might be interested in the 07 conference at which Mark Dever will speak. Details available here:
You can also listen to trueman's lectures using links from here.