Friday, 30 April 2010

Caption competition: leader debates

Not having a TV license, I'm catching the party leaders' TV debates a bit at a time after they're live, on iplayer. So it was with much amusement that I saw the opening freeze shot for yesterday's debate:

Clegg: We're the only ones who have told you the details of what we would cut - 50% waste, 50% waste in all past governments: look, we don't need 2 legs: think how much we could save by only using one!
Brown: I agree with Nick.
Cameron: Give me strength!

Caption competition open!

[Please note: bad language and character assassination attempts not welcome. Keep the humour good!]

1 comment:

PG said...

DC: "pft, just look at those crazy pair. Brown's on his last leg and Nick's hopping mad!"