Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Voting to love your neighbour - with your mind

With the UK General Election coming up, I've drawn together some resources Christians may find useful. Useful, that is, if you want to think, seeking to use your mind (as well as will and emotion) to love your neighbour in how you vote.

Interview with Wayne Grudem on politics and the Christian, by Adrian Warnock:

How should Christians vote in 2010?
by Dr Jonathan Chaplin, Director of the Kirby Laing Institute for Christian Ethics, on bethinking.org. "To prepare for their upcoming electoral choice, Christian communities should seriously engage in discerning the defining issues of this election. ... For the sake of 'the welfare of the city'."

Also, from the Christian Institute - voting and the Bible in 210 seconds:

Mentioned in the above video, the Christian Institute has produced an election briefing in which it analyses party manifestos on a few specific issues most Christians will care about, though it leaves the vast majority of items: immigration and asylum, social care, economy, national business ethics, etc., etc., up to the individual to research. Some things are clearer than others.

To think through more of the theory behind the different parties (ha, traditionally, anyway):
Power Against People: A Christian Critique of the State, by Philip Vander Elst, on bethinking.org,
contrasting with

State Expectations, by Paul Bickley, on bethinking.org

And for a few interesting personal takes:
[I may start posting some thoughts of my own at some point, but for now, they're mostly being spent in discussion with my housemate!]

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