Sunday, 4 April 2010

Have you heard the good news?

One of the best posts I've read in a while, from Dave Bish: Have you heard the good news?

With lyrics from Galatians, set to a melody by Luther, arranged by Reeves, kicked off with an intro by Pascal: but all of Christ, and I'm grateful to Dave for treating us to it. Make it yours.
Christians find themselves not in possession of a get out of jail free card, but caught up into the relationships of the members of the Triune God. In the Son, with the Spirit of the Son in their hearts, considered by the Father to be his son. And this is no legal fiction but the realisation of the perfect and eternal purpose of the Father’s grace in his Son by the Spirit. His design is that the Christian might know him, just as his beloved Son does - joined to Christ, found in Christ - and in the gospel this is accomplished - we die with him, we rise in him. Everything in him. Is it good to be a Christian? Yes.

A Christian is someone in Christ. Good men would wish that this were true, and it is.
Read the whole thing: please.

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