Thursday, 15 September 2005

Cats, dogs, and drowned rats.

This afternoon I spent putting up posters on the nearest university campus. The event is tomorrow evening: an Open House event for international students.
Aside to Warwick grads: I'd designed the poster, and it was for int'l students, so in memory of Warwick days under Sarah Holt, I opted for fuchsia coloured paper in the copy shop!
Anyway, doing that in such weather as it was gave rise to an explanation to my two Dutch team-mates of not only the concept of 'raining cats and dogs' (to which they'd been introduced by their English textbook!) but its resultant 'looking like a drowned rat' concept. Now just praying that (a) the posters don't get taken down before tomorrow afternoon and (b) it isn't pouring tomorrow when we flyer just outside campus - aren't allowed to do it on campus (indoors!).
Oh and you could pray that GBU would get some more money from somewhere: despite having been treasurer and publicity coordinator, I've never yet run into the idea of actually not being able to flyer (for GBU groups in this case) because we can't afford to print flyers.

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