Thursday, 22 September 2005

I thought I'd got out o Norn Iron!

Conversation with shopkeeper (translated, obviously!):
me: [something inconsequential]
him: ah, you're British?
me: [Thinking: do you have to point out how obvious my accent is?] Yes, I'm British
him: which city are you from?
me: Belfast
him: oh, so Irish then, not British!
me: uh, no in fact, I'm British...
him: but you should say, "I'm Irish!"
me: "ça m'est égale": at the moment, it's part of the UK, so I'm British - I've British rights, privileges, and responsabilities...
him: oh, so you think you're better off British?
me: uh, it's the same to me.
him: but England took over Ireland!
me: I say I'm British because I am, and if it changes, *shrug*
him: you'll follow?
me: yup.

What is it with norn irish politics? A Belgian shopkeeper for goodness sake!

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