Thursday, 22 September 2005

Francophonisation...or a lack of Dairy Milk

Halfway home following the above incident, it occured to me that the store inspector had called me 'tu' rather than 'vous' at some point in the proceedings - and I came over all indignant at the thought! That lasted 5 seconds, until I realised that I was feeling indignant at being called 'tu', and was rather amused with myself.

After such a minorly perturbing episode, I wanted some nice cheese. I got home, had a piece of nice cheese, and typed the above blog. I then thought, 'Hang on Grier! When feeling slightly shaken, you're supposed to feel like eating chocolate, not cheese for goodness sake!' Oops. Someone slightly francophonised a part of me when I wasn't looking :-\ Of course, when there's no Dairy Milk...

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