Tuesday, 13 September 2005


At the w/e I asked several of the responsables individually what they like about GBU. They each replied that what they like about GBU is meeting other Christians their own age. In a country where the evangelical churches are a small despised minority, and each is probably the only one aged between 18 & 26 in their church, this fellowship is precious. Yet it also makes it difficult for them to think beyond the safe bounds of their fellowship and reach out in evangelism. They have non-Christian friends and acquaintances, but evangelistic expectation needs prayer and encouraging.


Anonymous said...
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Ant said...

Just wandered across your blog via a few links here and there..... great to read news of how things are going in Belgium! I remember you talking about going when at Steve P's baptism in Derby. Keep on going with it! And keep churning info out for others of us to think about and pray for.

Pete said...

Glad to hear that you're finding your feet in the GBUs! Hope you're settling in well - have been thinking about u recently, but not had time to come and peruse your blog! Just at home in Preston for a break, so got more time for browsing the web.