Tuesday, 1 August 2006


I was delighted to be able to join in wedding celebrations for 2 friends in Coventry at the weekend: the first time ever I could be in the same country as friends for their wedding! John was a 3rd year mathmo when I was a 1st year mathmo at Warwick, and evange sec on the CU exec which handed over to my first exec, and Sian was a 1st year when I was in 3rd year, and was on the CU exec to which we handed over after my second exec, becoming evange sec a year later. All make sense? They met in church: to (approx.) quote John, "I was preaching; Sian was taking notes - it was bound to be romance." The wedding was lovely.


Andy said...

I think i got all that.

It's nice to be able to make it to these occasions.

your new profile photo is a bit scary! its the under lit, looking up angle. I feel scrutinised with you looking at me like that.

étrangère said...

Deary me, I don't think I've been called scary before: you're right it is a bit wierd though, I'll see about changing it. As I don't generally take pictures of myself, my options are limited...