Saturday, 26 August 2006


Another driving lesson this morning - and I discovered that in England not only are drivers in the first year of their full license not restricted (as in Norn Iron) to 45mph, but neither are learners restricted! So there I was merrily aiming at 45 on a dual carriageway and I found my instructor urging me on to 70mph - that was a rude shock.

While driving, my instructor asked me what I'd been away at this week. A training conference for the start of my job, I replied. The obvious question followed - what was my job? At that point I had running through my mind Tim Rudge's exhortations and excellent advice on how to explain what we do. Unfortunately though, having only got back last night from the conference, I hadn't had time to think through this and work out how I'd answer this question well. So, concentrating hard and going into 3rd gear, I managed something like, 'I work with students ['We'll be turning right at the next junction'] - I help them investigate the Bible, and who Jesus is, so that they'll trust in him ['SLOW DOWN FOR THE JUNCTION - how much of the road can you see?'] and know how to follow him.'
'Ah, ok. ... Well I won't be asking you any more questions as you clearly can't concentrate on the road at the same time.'



Dave K said...

I remember being shocked when my instructer advised that despite the fact I was a learner meant I could still get points on my licence for speeding.

It took me a long time to get used to reading signs and not just on the road just in front of me.

Alan Davey said...

You have my complete sympathy, étrangère. I passed my test in 1977, and I still can't drive and talk at once! I'm like that president of the US who couldn't walk and chew gum at the same time...