Friday, 11 August 2006

Speaking the truth in love

Challies pointed out a great post on Carolyn McCulley's blog Solo Femininity: responding to a single lady who feels she can't go on. Good reality check on longterm (really longterm) vision and fellowship, all coming from the gospel. Carolyn's own summary at the end is, "Four quick points - candid and firm, but loving nonetheless. Think of me as a coach standing on the sidelines, giving you the hard truth and shoving you back in the game. Go for the victory - a "well done, good and faithful servant" from your Master."

Reading this, I was struck by a more general thought: often hearing gospel truth into your life at a sore point from someone else who cares is worth more than saying it to yourself, however much you think you know it. Is that not a big part of fellowship? Getting back to the specifics, single ladies out there, let's not be afraid to say similar stuff (to her four points) to friends when you think it needful - even when you're sure they 'know it already'! And that applies more widely than this issue, of course.

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