Monday, 7 August 2006

Don't tell me...

...we're not all infected by the bug Postmoderniti absurdosis. Conversation heard recently:

Anon 1*, putting a spoon in a mug while making tea: Oh! There's something in here!

Anon 2: It's a frog.

Anon 1: Life is good!

*Identities concealed as a concession to Anon 2, who said (when I'd recovered from laughing), "You're not going to put this in your blog are you?"

1 comment:

mama said...

I'm SURE I remember it was Anon 1 who said about putting it in your blog...!!!

there's a frog
in my blog
not a dog
but a frog
wants to hog
the tea mug.

but the frug
the spoon dug
in the mug
with a tug
showed the frug
was a teabag.

now mama
needs a hug
cos the tug
from the Brum
says Rosemary come
and mama's all alone
like a stone
with a soggy teabag.