Friday, 11 August 2006

Wine, warcraft & song

I'm safely in Birmingham, having flown across in the chaos that was yesterday. They made me put my violin in the hold. There are many better reasons to dislike terrorism, but that ranks somewhere in my list. Anyway, praise God that the police busted these terrorist plans before they were carried out.

Meanwhile, Marc Heinrich is inspired to a parody.


troy said...

They did what?!?! You can't just put instruments in checked luggage! They're supposed to be specially packed... :( I agree that there are better reasons to dislike terrorism, but I think you're under-reacting on this one.

étrangère said...

Thanks Troy, I didn't under-react at the time, I tell you! I blogged of course after having arrived and immediately (when I received it) having checked the violin was ok. There is no text formatting of the sentence 'They made me put my violin in the hold' that could convey my distress at the time though, but I did have an hour standing in the check-in queue in which to pray about it.

I thought a) they're going to be careful with handluggage going in the hold as they're losing enough money already by delays and b) they're used to taking 'cellos in the hold. I told the check in lady she had to COVER it with fragile stickers. She pretty much did. I do have a good violin case at least. Very thankful to God that it arrived ok though: the person who picked me up told me of a friend's 'cello which had been broken in the hold!

Every now & again God challenges my attachment to my violin: something that reminds me to pray about it that God would keep me not overly attached to it, while not taking it from me! I ponder and pray over Augustine's "He loves thee too little who loves anything together with thee which he loves not for thy sake."