Sunday, 22 October 2006

Books on the bandwagon

CT did an article on "The Top 50 Books That Have Shaped Evangelicals: Landmark titles that changed the way we think, talk, witness, worship, and live."

The list makes for quite depressing reading, is of course from an American perspective since it's CT, and of course, has been a matter of great debate. In the Christian blogosphere many have offered critiques, and more just got on with the job of recommending 50 good alternatives by which we should be influenced, either sticking to 10, or a bite-the-bullet 50 books you should leave on the shelf. I'd say if the shelf then has that lot left on it, finish the job and burn the shelf.

Then Marc took the biscuit with a 50 potential Christian bestsellers.

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TheologyJohn said...

What's so depressing about that list? There are a few titles of content-less rubbish (esp. Rick Warren... urgh!), a few that I haven't heard of, but some utter crackers too!