Sunday, 15 October 2006

Theology is the Revolution

Smiley Mike Reeves on theology d'après Gideon (Judges 6.22-27)
Theology is smashing up idols - smashing up the idols in our minds and in our world. And not just smashing them up but replacing them with (v26) proper kinds of altars to the Lord our God: replacing them all with Jesus Christ.

The story here is: Gideon is surrounded by the idolatry of the Mideonite regime. And he begins the revolution against it by bulldozing Baal. And that is theology! It's not just reading books, studying languages, whatever. It is about rebelling against the world order, not just the Mideonites' little regime; rebelling against the whole world order as it rebels against God. Rebelling against it, bringing down the system, utterly replacing it; that is theology. Theology is The Revolution.


Theology is washing our brains by the Mediator rather than being brain-washed by the media.


thebluefish said...

Gotta love Mike!

troy said...

Action like that doesn't leave any room for fence-sitters. That's refreshing.