Tuesday, 31 October 2006

Trick or treat?

When I was a young warthog... at hallowe'en kids dressed up in impressive costumes, knocked on the door and chorussed the entire stanza of, 'Hallowe'en is coming and goose is getting fat...'. Which at least required some effort in the dress and some ability to memorise a few words and speak ensemble. Even if it is wrong with roots in a syncretism of pagan druidism and Roman Catholicism. Now I've just had 2 separate kids at the door huddled in coats, in the dark and rain, mutter, 'Trick or treat' (at least, I think that was what the second one said from behind his scarf). I gave him a mandarin orange I had to hand - he'll need the VitC tomorrow when the cold takes hold.

That's the trick, now for the treat:

I do think it an infinitely preferable idea to celebrate today as Reformation Day. For twas on 31st October 1517 that a 30-something Augustinian monk called Martin posted some 95 points for discussion on his university town church blog. The Pope sent a bull after him, and then put him on a diet of Worms, but Martin burned the bull and wouldn't recant at the Diet as he was captive to God's word. Hm, for much more worthwhile reflections on Reformation Day see Dave, Pyro and Challies' most impressive round-up of most who are joining in the celebration today. And for a celebratory song this fits the tune of supercalifragilisticexpialodocious if you start with the chorus! Before, of course, you sing Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott!

Now I'll get back to composing a lunchbar talk on why there's one way to God in a world of many religions. The answer is Jesus, but I'll fill it out a little.


Greg said...

Aah, there's someone else who was celebrating Reformation day apart from me then!

TheologyJohn said...

You used to be a warthog?

No wonder they call you the beast.