Monday, 16 July 2007

IFES World Assembly: francophoning!

Today was a francophone day for me at World Assembly. From the morning talk which was supposed to be francophone (but Jaques Buchhold is actually postponed to tomorrow), through leading small group which admittedly wasn't, we then went into the third of our General Committee sessions, which lasted the rest of the day. We considered the current priorities of IFES, how we've been working towards them in our national movements, and what our new priorities should be. I happened to sit in a francophone group on walking in, so was speaking French all day, and caught up with Marc Debanné (GBU Quebec) and some Quebecois students in the evening. Altogether, je trouve maintenant que je dois faire un effort pour penser des mots anglais ! Though it must be said that dinner (outside on the lawn in the sun) was anglophone as some of us discussed graduate ministry and preparing students for transition with Tim Vickers. The computers weren't available today so thoughts from this morning's talk will have to wait. Tomorrow, Jaques Buchhold and an excursion to the Falls.

It was also good today to have Mike (NIFES) join my small group - he'd visited a Relay conference when I was doing Relay!

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