Friday, 6 July 2007

nihil habeo

Nihil. Nil. Nothing.

I come into Your presence
With nothing in my hands
I only bring thanksgiving
For Jesus, God and Man
I cast myself on mercy
I cast myself on love
I trust Your gracious promise
To wash me with Your blood

I will not fear Your judgment
For me, no wrath I dread
For it was spent on Jesus
Poured out upon His head
When Satan’s accusations
Make my poor heart afraid
I hear my King declaring,
“Father, that debt is paid”

Jesus my only hope, my only plea
My righteousness, my Great High Priest
Who intercedes for me before the throne
Jesus, I trust in You alone

Mark Altrogge
© 2002 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI).

Listen to a snippet.


andrew c said...

The link to hear the snippet doesn't appear to be working.

étrangère said...

Sorry, should've noticed that wasn't right! Fixed.