Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Off to Canada for

with preaching from Peter Kuzmic, Jacques Buchhold and Ziel Machado, and sessions on Truth & Reconciliation, HIV/AIDS, Evangelism in the contemporary world, Environmental issues & Christian witness, Engaging the university, and regional times, international exhibition, 60th anniversary celebration of IFES, parade of the nations, tribute to Lindsay Brown, commissioning of Daniel Bourdanné as General Secretary, musical worship (multilingual?), books, and general committee time where we welcome new movements to join us, and other exciting business! All with around 600 people from up to 150 countries. Some hoping to come from less economically developed countries still need to be granted visas: please pray that this would happen for them to join us for mutual encouragement in the Lord and his work.

I hope to post notes on some of the sessions after the conference - or, if I can borrow someone's laptop, during it.


Ant said...

Sounds really good. Have a great time.

Chris said...

i cant remember if belgium sent anyone! Tremendous to know you're there though - in case DW isnt there, remember to fly the drapeau belge!

Fantastic to hear Bourdanné is there! Miracle in itself!

étrangère said...

Sadly Daniel couldn't come since at time of registration they didn't know if they'd be with GBU in July. I'm chatting with ppl about GBU though. And trying to pass myself off as francophone as much as possible ;-) Was catching up with Tom De Craene today. I'll post more tomorrow; too tired today and too much to take in.

-ADEE- said...

Hi i´m part of the felowship at latin america and i´m looking for pictures from de assembly to upload on our web site. Do yo have any?

thanks for sharing
Arturo Arias
Dominican Christian Students Association, Dominican Republic