Monday, 26 May 2008

Ambiguous noise

I was so puzzled by the rumbling loud noises in the middle of this wildly windy night, following a day when it poured non-stop, that I actually went to the internet to see whether it's thunder or fireworks. I checked first for flashes of light against the night sky, of course, but I don't know why: unless I'd spotted a particularly colourful one, it would not have determined which phenomenon I was witnessing. I think it must be fireworks. Cannon Hill Park is close enough to where I am in Birmingham for me to hear them, and too far away to see them. I'm just amused that I actually looked it up and found it, online. Ah, modern life.


John said...

Shortly after the Sept. 11, 2001 attack, my wife and I saw flashes of light and heard explosions. We thought that our little town in Texas was being bombed. (Silly, right?)It turned out to be a firework display that we didn't know about.

This is a great blog. I plan to link to it under my "reformed sisters" category this evening.

étrangère said...

Ah, John, having grown up in Belfast I got blasé about explosions - or the lack of them. When evacuated from a shopping centre yet again for a bomb scare, I used to play, 'Spot the visitor' - the non-Northern Irish people in blind panic while the rest of us were merely bored and slightly annoyed that our shopping had been interrupted. Be glad that when you hear explosions you're worried - better than being used to them, fireworks or not. And thanks, I'm glad to be a reformed sister! :)