Thursday, 1 May 2008

On being torn

From the New Word Alive student track, courtesy of some UCCF office bods (time well spent...) come some Top 10 Books as you've never seen them before (unless you were in the New Word Alive student celebration, clearly):

[HT: Bish]

I'm torn. They're absolutely excellent spoofs. And they may get people reading those good books. But how could you do that to a book? I can't help feeling that somewhere out there, an invertebrate creature of the literary variety is silently screaming to death.


mama said...

I can't watch them!!
...your grandfather, if he came to the house and saw one of Big Sis's books lying on the floor amid the clutter of toys (well, it was closer to her than a table at that age), would pick it up and hand it to me with a faintly accusing look... books deserve respect. Not seasonings, not sauces, and definitely not jelly, RESPECT!

Jonathan Hunt said...

I found it painful. So funny, but agonising. I LOVE books. How could I saute them? Or cover them in mud?

Oh, the pain...