Sunday, 4 May 2008


It's amazing how easily we entertain inconsistent beliefs. I thought that I strive for consistency of belief, knowing that there is an ultimate reality, there is the God who created and sustains the universe by His powerful word, and although we don't know all of reality, we do know some that He, by His grace, has revealed.

Often when someone is claiming that morality is a human invention, or that everything is relative, it is helpful to ask them questions about how they live, because it will be, in some areas, inconsistent with this pretended belief.

But on a more trivial level, I only realised part-way into the church meeting this morning that my commitment to take the 11-15 year olds out before the sermon for 'Senior Bible Class' was inconsistent with my commitment to accompany the final hymn, teaching it to the congregation as a new song. And I only realised at 12.30pm that my intention to bring the keyboard to our afternoon outreach service as usual, was inconsistent with my plan to cycle to said meeting, due to the in-the-post status of my car tax disk. It's amazing how easily one can hold several contradictory notions or plans in one's head without realising!

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le Gallois said...

Such a relief to know that other people do that too, and that it's not just me, and not just my age !

I regularly schedule myself to do two incompatible things at one time.

Bof !